Can the words of a Psychic influence your thoughts? Your Choices? Your Destiny? Nikki, an inspirited Aussie girl thought she had her life planned. GET A CAREER, FIND A MAN, START A FAMILY. Life seemed simple, until… accompanying her friend to a psychic changed her life forever. The psychic describes her soul mate. Mr Hollywood, a man with crystal green eyes. Flash forward 17 years, Nikki’s career as a Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer is taking off, and the Green Eyed man is standing in front of her. The words of the psychic are imprinted on her mind… “Remember he’s nice to look at, nice to see, but if you chase him, he will flee…” So if she cannot chase him, and she cannot tell him what she knows. Will she ignore the warnings to get what she wants? With her best friend, Siobhan, who is effectively her audacious and sassier alter ego, they navigate their way through the supposedly predestined life! Nikki can try, but she Can’t Fight Fate.


Life can change in the blink of an eye! Chasing Butterflies picks up where Can’t Fight Fate leaves us, with Nikki searching for her elusive green-eyed man and her best friend Siobhan, heading for the biggest mistake of her life. HAS NIKKI FOUND HIM? ONLY TIME CAN TELL! Only 2% of the population has green eyes… Pure green eyes. It seems the odds are already stacked against Nikki finding her man. Nikki is an intelligent and articulate Entertainment Lawyer, she’s not crazy but she still believes this predestined man exists. The green eyes get her every time! She is constantly falling for these men only to have her heart broken. Will she find the missing piece to her puzzle? The Psychic has said she ‘Can’t Fight Fate’ but until then she’s going to have fun, Chasing Butterflies!


Can the words of a Psychic influence your thoughts? Your choices? Your destiny? What if a Psychic could see your future?

Nikki is a Hollywood entertainment lawyer who thinks she’s found the green-eyed man. Her soul mate; foreseen by the Psychic when she was 21.

But has she?

Sometimes all it takes is time…