A successful cryptocurrency trader juggles the market, her reputation, and relationships that could jeopardize the deal of a lifetime.

The story was born in a psychologist’s office as Lisa tried to understand and unravel the events surrounding COINRUNNERS. The psychologist could not believe what she was saying. Having previously written other films and a series of books, Lisa sort the professional services of Joey of RoadMap Writers, where she connected with Janet Jeffries from Bender Productions.


Four women trapped in a mysterious room bargain for their lives . They must choose one survivor – or they will all die.

A psychological dramatic thriller, BLINK powerfully explores life and death, good and evil and the viability of choice to determine one’s destiny. It is gritty, dark, powerful and inspiring. Given the gift of choice, BLINK asks; do you use it wisely? Behind every life story is a series of choices. And each one determines our own fate. Would you be worthy of a second chance? And for that matter, would you want it?


A story of early teenage friends, solving a neighbourhood mystery.

Set in Geelong, Australia in the 1980s.